Tuesday, June 29, 2010

you. yaa, you are the one.

hey sygg, 
i break my promise not to hurt you,
i know,
i'm so sorry dear. 
ta de niat nak sakitkan hati and perasaan awk.
i do,
i do care about you.
it's you,
it's always been you. 
 need you <3

remember this song.? 
I'll Be

"the strands in your eyes color them wonderful, 
stop me and steal my breath, 
and emeralds from mountains thrust toward the sky, 
never revealing their depth, 
and tell me that we belong together,
 and dress it up with the trappings of love, 
I'll be captivated, 
I'll be hang from your lips, 
instead of the gallows of heartache that hang above,
 and I'll be your crying shoulder, 
I'll be love 's suicide, 
and I'll be better when i'm older, 
I'll be greatest fan of your life, 
and rain falls angry on the tin roof,
 as we lie awake in my bed, 
and you're my survival, 
you're my living proof, 
my love is alive and not dead............"

this song for you. 
once again, I apologize for my bad behavior.
I didn't mean to hurt you. 
maafkan saya. :( 
i love you

we are suppose to be like this. 

this post for you, Mohd. Shafri Naquib Zainal Abidin. Thanks, selalu gembira and bahagiakan saya. Saya suke senyuman awak jugak selain dari mata. Plizz smile. :')
 I'll always love you. 
p/s : can we start it all over again. :(
       everything gonna be ok ryte..? 


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